Heldt Consulting advises and accompanies hoteliers, owners of privately managed hotels and companies in the hotel sector to optimize and design their product in such a way that the unique selling proposition and the character of the house becomes even more present and creates greater customer loyalty. We help the hotelier to further develop the existing property through the use of innovative quality products and meaningful renovations and additions without using excessive budgets. Heldt Consulting develops flexible and comprehensive tailor-made solutions and helps to implement them result-oriented.

Tailor-made solutions

Our services at heldt consulting:

  • On request, we carry out an inventory of your business, analyse and define the need for optimisation
  • We develop the suitable concept for your business
  • We find the right products for you - whether standard or in-house development.
  • We make sure that the products are delivered at the desired time and coordinate and monitor third-party services for you.


  • Development and implementation of concepts
  • Introduction of new product standards
  • Professional turnkey management